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Forvana Kitchens is a local small business based in St Albert specializing in kitchen remodeling. Craig Ash, founder & president, is a certified Red Seal Journeyman carpenter with close to 30 years experience in the construction industry. Craig is the first person you meet and the face you’ll see everyday. He takes care of the day-to-day operations.

Joining him is his wife Aullivonne in the office and two of their sons, who are on their way to becoming 4th generation carpenters. Rounding out the team, we have a list of qualified trades (electrical, plumbing, countertops and tile-setting) that we know we can count on.

Most of our work consists of kitchen replacements in occupied homes. We also install kitchens in basement suites, new homes and commercial buildings. In addition to kitchens, we install PAX wardrobe units and remodel bathrooms.


How We Do Business


We believe that there is more to a renovation than just the work involved. Because the kitchen is the heart of your home, it’s important that you feel a sense of certainty every step of the way. A renovation can feel daunting and stressful. We feel that providing comfort & assurance is just as important as the project itself.

These are some of the principles that is the foundation for how we behave:

  • Guidance – We share our knowledge to help you make informed decisions. We remove intimidation by being your guide through the process.
  • Listening – It’s imperative that we ask you the right questions to make sure we have a clear understanding of exactly what you want.
  • Education – We make sure you understand what will work & what options are available to you.
  • Accountability – If we claim to be the experts, without question we have to also claim responsibility for not only the success, but also any failure. Rather than looking to place blame, we look for solutions.

  • Clear communication – We do our best to let you know what you are getting and to make sure it is in fact what you want. No detail is too small nor is no question too trivial to ask. We are easy to reach, including evenings & weekends.

  • Expertise – From taking care of ordering the product to scheduling each event, we make sure everything is carried out properly and in correct sequence. We have a proven system that includes experts in other fields (plumbing, electrical) to make sure your project goes as smooth as possible. We make every effort to minimize the amount of time you are without a kitchen.

That’s easy. Great quality cabinets at an affordable price. Don’t mistake them for cheap. Cheap suggests low price/low quality. Ikea produces their cabinets on such a massive scale that they are able to sell them at an affordable price while maintaining great quality. This is a big part of how we can get people into beautiful new kitchens at a reasonable price.

On top of that, their unique installation system is perfect for renovations. Occasionally certain kitchens present challenging situations. Because we have worked with the Ikea product so much, we have learned how to get creative in finding solutions.

We have no affiliation with Ikea, they are simply our cabinet supplier. You can count on us to recommend only the products that you need and that will benefit you the most. Our loyalty lies with you, the customer.

The best way to begin is to fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you. Next would be an in-home consultation so we can learn what’s involved, and for you to get a sense of who we are. The consultation which includes helpful ideas and an estimate is free of charge.

Once you decide to move forward, we will ask for a design fee to get started. We will take detailed measurements & gather all the specifics necessary to create a design tailor made for you. This is how it starts!

Get in touch to see how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you!


Because it is in our nature to never leave a project that we are not proud of, achieving customer satisfaction comes naturally.

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From working with precision putting your kitchen together, to experiencing the excitement of customers seeing the finished product.

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“Craig Ash came over one evening to talk to us about what we wanted for our kitchen reno and spent a couple hours listening attentively to our priorities and needs. Over the time we worked with him, mutual trust became central to our relationship.
We had several conversations over the next few weeks about the kitchen design that he created in cooperation with us. We booked a time in May and Craig gave us a schedule of the works that would be done on what days. He followed the schedule closely. All the trades came in as planned and countertops were installed on time. From demolition to completion, the whole experience took 23 days!

Craig was conscientious, respectful and professional in his dealings with us as well as in his work. In all of our exchanges, he was always focused and kind, and showed a real concern about getting the job done right. He worked solely on our kitchen during those 23 days except for a short period between the completion of the cabinets and the installation of the countertops.

Craig works with his son Corbin and his wife Aullivonne and together, they form a quality family business. He and his family and the trades he brought in to do the plumbing, the electrical and the tile setting were congenial and professional. We don’t have a single complaint. My husband and I highly recommend Forvana Kitchens for a total kitchen remodel. With Forvana, you are in very good hands.

Oh! and it cost what he said it would!”

Denise Moulun-Pasek, Google Review

“Craig was and is everything you should expect in a professional. We could not be more happy with the way our kitchen looks after Craig was done.”

Michael Frank, Google Review

“Very easy to work with and consistently delivers high quality installations with innovative features. I’ve worked with Craig as an electrical sub-contractor on several projects over the years and would highly recommend him to family/friends and clients.”

Henry George (Hank), Google Review

“Forvana Kitchens helped us redo our whole kitchen with Ikea Cabinets. They provided amazing service and we couldn’t be happier. Right from the design start, to recommending of services (electrician, counter tops), and perfect installation with precise attention to detail the process was seamless. Thank you Forvana Kitchens for helping us create our dream kitchen!”

Lori Lacey, Google Review

“The customer service provided by Craig was amazing. His family oriented team did wonders on our kitchen. We are so happy we chose him.”

Vivian Rutley, Google Review

“I couldn’t be happier with the results and the professionalism throughout the whole process. My new kitchen is what I’ve always wanted thanks to Craig with forvana. The service was excellent!”

Jody Ross, Google Review

“If your looking for someone to do a quality and affordable kitchen renovation, I highly recommend using Forvana! Craig provided us with a free quote and after shopping around it was our best deal. Our kitchen turned out amazing, we are so impressed. Thanks again!”

Brieanne C., Google Review

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